HOW TO use Travel Friendly Cities as a visitor. 

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3 ways to share your EXPERIENCE (with Public Officials or Businesses) in your city!

HOW TO use Travel Friendly Cities as a member.

1) To submit your video, get your digital cam, cell phone cam, GoPro Cam, security cam or whatever cam you like to use and catch your local city experience (with public officials or businesses) on camera. Upload it to your Youtube account. Don’t have a Youtube account or just don’t want to upload your video? Just send it in, and we will review it. If approved, we will upload the video to our Youtube account.  Please include a City and State for your video. Testimonials welcome.

2) Already have your Youtube videos? Easy does it! Just place your Youtube URL’s to the state they belong in and press Submit and your video will be in the state you picked.

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Please Note: Remember to place the City and State of your video. Member videos may be used for promoting the site on an as needed basis.

All posts are reviewed for content and quality. To ensure placement please provide clear, and respectful language.

We are ONLY interested in your Local Reviews of your experience with businesses and public officials in the city you live in! We want those businesses and public official’s names recognized for their service to their clients, customers and constituents. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly! They did it, we share it! We reserve the right to remove any abusive content we deem necessary.